Advantages Of Business Process Outsourcing

Business Process Outsourcing is simply the transferring of business functions from within the organization to an external service provider. Of late BPO has gained huge significance at global level. It consists of human and social components and involves allocating the Business function to a service provider who specializes in that function. This offers a competitive advantage to the firm which is at the receiving end of the services outsourced. The major advantages of Outsourcing Business Functions for a firm are listed below:

  • The functions which a firm does not specialize in can be taken care of using this practice. They include technical support, call center, customer service and back office functions like benefits administration and payroll.
  • Outsourcing allows organizations to focus on their core business functions.
  • Outsourcing enables an organization to get access to better technology along with cheaper labor.
  • Outsourcing all of these jobs from the internal functioning enables the company to cut down payroll and other overhead costs
  • Of late, complex business processes such as radiology and accountancy are also being outsourced. These require proper training and, as such it is better to get them done by professionals.
  • It is an emergent phenomenon providing practical solutions to business problems.
  • Sophisticated tasks including   preparing content-rich products like PowerPoint presentations, sales kits and newsletters, tax preparation, financial analysis and software design is also being taken under the purview of Business Process Outsourcing.

Business Pyramid Corporation is a prominent Business Process Outsourcing company in Saudi Arabia. It provides a range of Business Outsourcing Services that include Travel Services, Personnel Administration Support Services, Accounting & Finance Services, Human Resources Relocation Services, Office Management & Immigration Services, etc. The name of the company stands out for its reliable Business Outsourcing Services and Human Resources Saudi Arabia. For more information about the company and its offerings, you can log on to

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Reasons To Hire A Payroll Service Company

In any organization, payroll is an integral branch that involves managing and maintaining the financial records and statements regarding the allowances, salaries, deductions and funds of the employees. Typically, the different kinds of procedures involved in payroll are handled by the account section of an organization. However, with the inclination of organizations towards being even more productive and divert the finances to the attainment of rather crucial business objectives, the trend of hiring Payroll Service Company has become quite prevalent. The Payroll Service Company single-handedly looks after the varied payroll procedures such as data collection, data entry, data processing, data interpretation, audits, etc. Well, the concept of hiring a Payroll Service Company is quite prudent since organizations get benefited in several ways. The major five reasons to hire a Payroll Service Company are as follows:

  • By hiring a professionally managed Payroll Service Company, the organizations can observe improved management in the overall payroll processes.
  • There remain no room for apprehension since the procedures such as payroll estimation, issuing the salaries and niceties of statutory taxes are managed by the experts.
  • Payroll Service Company is specialized in providing Payroll Services and thus, the work is completed faster and as per the latest trends.
  • By outsourcing the payroll services, organizations can shift their focus to its core activities.
  • Last but not least, by hiring Payroll Service Company, organization scan greatly save on cost and time.

If you too want to hire a Payroll Service Company, then Business Pyramid Corporation is the name you can resort to. Based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it offers a host of Business Process Outsourcing Services such as Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Finance and Accounting Services, BPO Process Outsourcing Company, Personnel Administration Services, Immigration Services, Corporate immigration, Travel Services, Human Resources Relocation Services in addition to Payroll Services.

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All about Corporate Immigration Services

World has shrunk into a global village and distances are no longer a barrier in corporate world. People are migrating from one country to another for better job prospects and business opportunities. In such a scenario, companies offering Corporate Immigration Services play a crucial role and are thus thriving.  There are a host of Corporate Immigration Servicesthat become necessary for smooth Corporate Relocation from one country to another.
Corporate Immigration Services

  • Visa Consultation & Application Process
    To move to another country one needs a visa. There are certain legal requirements for the whole process of applying for visa. Companies offering Corporate Immigration Services provide reliable guidance on the whole procedure and help in comprehending the whole process.
  • Temporary Visa & Visa Extension
    Temporary visa acts as a temporary work permit, which allows the person to work in the country for certain time period, post which he/she shall have to return back to the native country. There are companies that render services for Visa Extension.
  • Issuance & Renewal of Residence Permits
    Immigrating professionals also need residence permits. The companies offering Corporate Immigration Services also make arrangements for issuance and renewal of residence permits.
  • Single, Multiple, Exit & Re-Entry Visa
    They are visas with different time duration permit. Single Visa is applicable for one time entry in a foreign country; multiple-entry visa is a permit that allows multiple entries to a country but after specific time interval. Re entry visa is procured when a person tends to leave a country for short time and shall return back after fixed time.

Business Pyramid Corporation is a renowned Business Process Outsourcing Company in Saudi Arabia. The company is a trusted name offering a host of services including HR Services and Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Finance and Accounting Services, Immigration Services, Personnel Administration Services, Office Management, Travel Services, Transportation and Vehicles Rental Services, Employees Mobility Services, etc. For more details regarding the company and to avail its services, one can log on to

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How to Outsource Recruiting

Recruiting process has become more challenging and complex. The notion holds good for both the Small & Medium Enterprises and the big companies. The competition is high in any industry and calls for very objective approach to be adopted in Recruitment Process.  The whole process of hiring that involves various stages of locating the candidates, screening them, interviewing, prepping, etc. may be too time consuming and at the same time requires considerable resources both human and economic. The better alternative for a company in such a scenario is to Outsource Recruitment Process to be able to focus on core business functions. How to Outsource Recruiting is a good question to think over and following section elaborates on few related aspects of Recruitment Outsourcing.

Evaluation Of Your Requirements
An organization’s specific requirements with respect to hiring of professionals need to be evaluated first. For example, an exact evaluation of job positions vacant, the number of candidates required, the specific skills a company is looking for in the candidates, etc. will help the organization to search for the right Recruitment Outsourcing Firm.

Go For A Proven Outsourcing Firm
Once the organization knows its exact hiring needs it should select a service provider that has proven track record in meeting similar requirements. Therefore, an intense research needs to be carried out in order to find a potential Outsourcing firm that can provide suitable and efficient employees for the company.

Share All Important Details
For the companies opting for Recruitment Outsourcing, it is very important to share all the major details and information about the marketing, branding, metrics, supply chain, etc. This will help the Recruitment Provider to hire candidates according to the requirements, goals and objectives of the company.

Outlining Roles & Responsibilities And Estimating Risks
When Outsourcing Recruiting Process, the client organization must outline the roles and responsibilities clearly in the early stages of outsourcing. This will eliminate any ambiguity through the whole Recruiting Process. The client organizations must be aware of the potential risks as well. Such risks include exposure of company’s sensitive information, loss of direct control over recruitment process, etc.

The companies that needs Recruitment Process Outsourcing, can contact Business Pyramid Corporation, a reliable Business Process Outsourcing Company in Saudi Arabia. The company offers a host of Business Outsourcing Services including Finance and Accounting Services, Immigration Services, Personnel Administration Services, Office Management, Travel Services, Human Resources in Saudi Arabia. Business Pyramid Corporation is a distinguished name offering the best Business Support Solutions and Human Resources Outsourcing Services. For more information about the company and its services, you can log on to

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Benefits Of Outsourcing Payroll Services

Payroll is complex business process including practices and applications to calculate components of pay such as salaries, allowances, deductions and other funds.  A number of processes are involved in payroll processing. Some of them are data collection and collation, interpretation of data, data entry, data processing, payroll rules management, audits, and many more. For small businesses all this can be a real toiling task. Thus, outsourcing specialized jobs such as Payroll Services really works for companies and they are able to focus more on their core functions. By hiring an external service provider, a company can enjoy flexibility, accessibility and monitored control of in-house payroll. It basically simplifies the procedures and function of the company in surprisingly low cost. Payroll Outsourcing creates larger potential and quality in the provision of other services.

Why Outsource Payroll Services?
The core idea of Outsourcing Payroll Services is to create specialization to cut time and increase the productivity levels of the organization.

  • Outsourcing Payroll Services results in improved efficiency in managing an organization’s payroll processes.
  • All the processes such as calculation of payroll, issuing payments, and details of statutory taxes are handled by specialists.
  • The Outsource Service provider flexible management services respond faster and better to the trends.
  • By outsourcing payroll work, company can shift its focus to the core its core activities.
  • Saves on cost and time by avoiding overhead account department.
  • Some of the Outsource Payroll Service Provider additionally handle the finance of the company, scrutiny of investments proofs, reimbursement management and other important jobs.

The greatest advantage of Outsourcing Payroll Services lies in standardization, customization and innovative management of the process in accordance with the current industrial practices. Business Pyramid Corporation is one of the renowned BPO Process Outsourcing Company in Saudi Arabia. The company offers a host of services including HR Services, Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Immigration Services, Personal Administration Support, Office Management, Travel Services, Transportation and Vehicle Rental Services, etc. The accounting services offered by the company include Invoicing, Payroll Service, Job Coasting, Preparing Income Statements, Financial Reports, etc. To know more about the company and its reliable services, you can log on to

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The Role Of Human Resource Specialists

Given that the organizations these days are focusing more on hiring talented and the most befitting employees to achieve their business goals, the role of Human Resource Specialists too has become indispensable and of course, all the more challenging. The job of Human Resource Specialists is no more limited to just recruitment of the employees; in fact, it has expanded to include retention of employees, boosting their morale, making them understand the benefits of contributing their best to the organization, and above all, getting them acquainted to the fact that the development of the organization can directly influence their career in a positive way.

Many a times, it is also the job of the Human Resource Specialists to manage the employee relations within an organization. The Human Resource Specialists hold expertise mainly in hiring or training the new recruits, handling the compensation and payback, dealing with staff concerns and disputes, and also help in improving the policies of the organization. Majorly depending on the nature and size of the organization, the Human Resource Specialists may directly work with the workforce or administer a panel of subordinate Human Resources Staff.

The Human Resource Specialists make all the possible efforts for hiring skilled and well-trained candidates. They advertise the job openings in newspapers, magazines, online portals, etc.; peruse resumes, schedule appointments to recruit the applicants, and conduct interviews. The Human Resource Specialists endeavor to find out which candidate would best fit the organization, the customary pay and the working hours. After the candidates are recruited, the Human Resource Specialists provide requisite training to them; familiarize them with their job responsibilities and the policies of the organization. Majority of company today prefer availing Human Resource Outsourcing Services to get access to the most suitable employees.

As mentioned earlier, Human Resource Specialists also manage the payroll and benefit packages of the staff. They verify the documents, decide the wages, maintain proper files containing details of the employees, and keep track of the remuneration. Besides this, evaluating the performance of the employees, deciding the improved remuneration and taking care of the grievances are also some of the key roles of the Human Resource Specialists.

To avail reliable Human Resources In Saudi Arabia, one can get in touch with Business Pyramid Corporation. The professionally managed company renders a host of services such as Immigration services, Finance and Accounting services, Travel Services, Recruitment Process Outsourcing etc. apart from Human Resource Outsourcing Services. For further information about the company, visit


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Immigration Services – Better Opportunities at Your Door Step

Immigration Services involve providing legal assistance to the individuals who are required to travel to another country for a business trip, to seek employment or for any other valid purpose. Immigration Services are often sought by the individuals who either don’t have adequate knowledge about the immigration laws of a country they need to go to, or are facing language barrier related problems. However, even people who are well acquainted with the immigration laws and don’t have any sort of language barrier also opt for Immigration Services because they simply want to save their time and efforts. Immigration Services are generally rendered by national government agencies or private companies that are backed by professionals who have complete knowledge of the procedures and regulations related to Immigration.

The agencies or individuals providing Immigration Services usually charge reasonable fees for advice on immigration or for help related to documentation required in such circumstances. Immigration Services also involve providing assistance to people moving to another country for work. This includes dealing with the elaborate paperwork which is essential to obtain a worker’s consent.

Why Avail Professional Immigration Services?
There is always a substantial amount of official procedures or formalities required to be fulfilled when someone needs to relocate to other country. The paperwork has to be done very carefully and then submitted on time to the concerned agency. It is often not easy for the individuals to complete the entire task of documentation. Opting for the Immigration Services is thus crucial for them. Also, the documentation work involved in Immigration is quite time-consuming. Thereby, availing Immigration Services is the best option for corporate people. The companies rendering Immigration Services look after all the procedures involved in submission of applications for permanent citizenship, work permits, or the applications related to passport and visa. Furthermore, the Immigration Service providers also take care of issuance & renewal of residence permits and likewise credentials.

For all those looking for Corporate Immigration Services, the name to trust is Business Pyramid Corporation. The company renders Corporate Immigration Services as well as Government Relations Services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Several other Services provided by the company include Business Support Solutions, Finance and Accounting Services, Personnel Administration Services, Saudi Visit Visa, Travel Services, Office Management, Human Resources Relocation Services in Saudi Arabia. To know more, log on to

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