All about Corporate Immigration Services

World has shrunk into a global village and distances are no longer a barrier in corporate world. People are migrating from one country to another for better job prospects and business opportunities. In such a scenario, companies offering Corporate Immigration Services play a crucial role and are thus thriving.  There are a host of Corporate Immigration Servicesthat become necessary for smooth Corporate Relocation from one country to another.
Corporate Immigration Services

  • Visa Consultation & Application Process
    To move to another country one needs a visa. There are certain legal requirements for the whole process of applying for visa. Companies offering Corporate Immigration Services provide reliable guidance on the whole procedure and help in comprehending the whole process.
  • Temporary Visa & Visa Extension
    Temporary visa acts as a temporary work permit, which allows the person to work in the country for certain time period, post which he/she shall have to return back to the native country. There are companies that render services for Visa Extension.
  • Issuance & Renewal of Residence Permits
    Immigrating professionals also need residence permits. The companies offering Corporate Immigration Services also make arrangements for issuance and renewal of residence permits.
  • Single, Multiple, Exit & Re-Entry Visa
    They are visas with different time duration permit. Single Visa is applicable for one time entry in a foreign country; multiple-entry visa is a permit that allows multiple entries to a country but after specific time interval. Re entry visa is procured when a person tends to leave a country for short time and shall return back after fixed time.

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